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Its not easy being green


It is no longer considered proper to leave a supermarket carrying your wares in one of their basic carrier bags. No matter your intention for the bag when you get home, and even though I genuinely intend to give said bag a whole new lease of life, even I find myself hanging my head in shame.

However, the amount we re-use a carrier bag is said to increase its eco-efficiency, and many of us have regularly re-used them for wet swimming costumes, muddy trainers, or, surely most frequently, as rubbish receptacles. Of all modern waste products, they do have the most obviously repeatable functionality. Nevertheless, as a result of this carrier contempt culture, we may now be tempted to buy rolls of new bags to line our waste bins and contain our wet or muddy clothes. What are we to do for the best?

This new collection is knitted and crocheted into lacy waves and folds to represent fungal forms, which are also thought unpleasant, but on reflection may be seen as beautiful. It includes carrier bags and a roll of swing bin liners, scented and in an attractive shade of green!